Year End report 2007-2008



YEAR END SUMMARY – 2007-2008


2007-2008 has been another active year for the Network during which time our body has been successful in fulfilling various objectives from our terms of reference. In January we were afforded the opportunity to provide input to the provincial “Review of the Roots of Youth Violence” and were pleased & honored to have the Honorable Roy McMurtry and Dr. Alvin Curling attend a meeting to hear directly from our members. Our regular meetings have continued to provide an open forum for discussion of youth justice legislation and other related issues as well as developing and promoting interagency networking and collaborative partnerships and information sharing. Our May conference “Leading to the Future” was well received and has provided us with valuable information for future planning – both for our individual members and for the Network as a whole. Overall I believe, another successful year for our group.



Our membership has continued to grow with the recent additions of Walter Piovesan, Superintendent OCDSB and Jayne Brandt, Youth Diversion Outreach Worker from the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health. We have also welcomed several new faces at our meetings as previous members have moved on or been replaced at the table including; Desiree Rapoch, Jeff Gill, Dave Fagan, Janet Bowes, Josée Adam and Elspeth McKay.


Topics of discussion:

  • Ongoing updates from our Community Committee participants (i.e. Integrated Drug Strategy Taskforce and Crime Prevention Ottawa etc…)
  • Updates on the Open-Custody/Detention Transformation Project
  • Updates from the working group on Ottawa youth & gangs co-chaired by Gord Boyd & Michael Justinich
  • Updates on the Children & Youth Agenda
  • Roundtable updates on Network member’s activities and trends, sharing of resource information on conferences, RFP’s and events etc… and discussions re: emerging challenges and opportunities
  • Youth Mental Health Court and Youth Mental Health Clinic as outcome of the “Human Services Mental Health Committee”.
  • Reports from our Communications, Leadership and Training subcommittees:
  • Leadership Committee joined with Training to develop the theme of Succession Planning at the spring 08 conference “Leading to the Future” , with guest speaker Dr. Linda Duxbury
  • Training Committee deferred suggestions to Fall 2008, where they will work from results of three areas of input::
    • Roots of Violence discussions by the Network
    • Leading to the Future: conference input
    • Youth Justice Ministry’s training guidelines ( to be announced later this year)
  • Communications Committee: modifications and updates to the website:



  • City of Ottawa Children & Youth Agenda: Pauline Daling, City of Ottawa & Josée Adam, United Way
  • Honorable Roy McMurty and Dr. Alvin Curling attend January session to receive input for the “Review of the Roots of Youth Violence”.
  • Walter Piovesan, Superintendent OCDSB: Exploring Partnerships



1) Continued Network representation on other bodies: Janet Crupi continues to serve as a board member for Crime Prevention. Donna Serafini continues in her role as a committee member with the Integrated Drug & Addictions Strategy Taskforce. Jacquie Woodward has served on the Steering Committee for the City’s Children & Youth Agenda. Michael Justinich & Gord Boyd co-chair the Ottawa Youth & Gangs group.

2) January session with Honorable Roy McMurtry and Dr. Alvin Curling to provide input for the “Review of the Roots of Youth Violence”. A summary of the Network members recommendations was compiled for both the review and the Network’s own future use.

3) Letter of support and interest sent to the Roots of Violence committee on behalf of Network members.

4) Letter of support for the IDAS Strategy: Developing Youth Treatment Services to the Champlain Local Health Integration Network.

5) May 2008 Conference – “Leading to the Future”

6) Award of Excellence in Youth Justice Leadership presented to Jacquie Woodward at May conference.

7) Participation at the Children & Youth Agenda, Community Leadership Table.

8) Update of website.


Planned Activities for 2008-2009:

  • Follow-up on recommendations compiled from “Review of Roots of Youth Violence” & “Leading to the Future” conference.
  • Implementation of recommendations from the communications, training and leadership subcommittees.


Prepared by: Janet L. Crupi, Chair Ottawa Youth Justice Services Network,

June 2008