Year End report 2006-2007



YEAR END SUMMARY – 2006-2007



2006-2007 has been a busy year with many interesting training opportunities for our members and the continued development of new programs to more effectively serve the needs of youth in our community. Our meetings have been well-attended and the information shared in our round-table updates has continued to keep our membership informed about each others’ activities and undertakings. After a recent review of our “Terms of Reference” with a subcommittee, I believe that overall our Network has continued to meet its objectives and be productive for our members.



– Our membership numbers have remained relatively stable at 30 with a few new faces or replacements in some cases. Jo McLean-Symmonds, who has left the Boys & Girls Club, Pam Black replaces Mark Routliffe representing John Howard Society and & Paulo Lobo will be attending on behalf of YOUCAN. Roger Parent has transferred to Kingston & Probation representative Josee Boulianne will be invited to join the Network.

– New members this year include; Tom Scholberg as the Manager of the Ottawa Community Youth Diversion Program, Angela Peterson from the Salvation Army Community Service Order Program and Kim Meechan,  Director, Community Services Carlington Community & Health Services and Kelli Tonner representing the CHC/CRC Coalition’s Frontline service providers..

– We have most recently discussed at a subcommittee reviewing our guidelines an “Associate Membership” to respond to the request to be included in the Network’s email tree.


Topics of discussion:

  • Evaluation of network activities as per our terms of reference/guidelines
  • Ongoing updates from our Community Committee participants (i.e. Integrated Drug Strategy Taskforce and Crime Prevention Ottawa)
  • Updates on the transformation of Open-Custody operations
  • Changes and opportunities in service delivery in various sectors and new initiatives & partnerships developing
  • Pursuing the involvement of the educational sector in the Network
  • OYJSN website and security of information
  • Jacquie Woodward is on the Steering Committee for the City’s Children and Youth Agenda.
  • Roundtable updates on network member’s activities and trends, sharing of resource information on conferences, RFP’s and events etc… and discussions re: emerging challenges and opportunities




  • Tania Breton of the Youth Services Bureau presented on the new Mental Health Court Worker position sponsored by MCYS, MOHLTC, MAG, MCSCS, MCSS, MMAH & MPIR.
  • Office of the Child Advocate, Irwin Elwin presented on Bill 165.
  • Robyn Wisener provided a presentation on the progress to date of the Integrated Drug Strategy Taskforce and the priority areas in their strategic plan. She also gathered members input for the consultation process.



1) Network letter of support for the Somali Youth Court Worker Position. A partnership between Youth Services Bureau and the Somali Family Service Centre

2) Network representation on other bodies: Janet Crupi continues to serve as a board member for Crime Prevention. Kim Chadsey & Donna Serafini continue in their roles as committee members with the Integrated Drug & Addictions Strategy Taskforce.

3) January 2007 Conference – “Outcomes of the YCJA: Our Environmental Scan”

4) Award of Excellence in Youth Justice Leadership presented to Janet Crupi at January conference.

5) A “Workplan Subcommittee” was struck as an outcome of the January conference to explore next steps & follow-up to the wealth of information compiled at the conference. Several subcommittees including communications, leadership and training were subsequently set up to follow-up on conference themes, issues and the recommendations of the subcommittee.

6) Network letter and participation in the consultation for the development of the “Children & Youth Agenda”, a City of Ottawa and United Way undertaking

7) The chair of OYJSN presented to a group of Ottawa community adult justice service providers and a new network was established “Community Adult Justice Network of Ottawa” modeled after the OYJSN.

8) Website was updated to permit access to members only of secure information


Planned Activities for 2007-2008:

  • Continued follow-up on the information compiled from the “Outcomes of the YCJA” conference.
  • Conference planning for Feb. 2008
  • Implementation of recommendations from the communications, training and leadership subcommittees.


Prepared by: Janet L. Crupi, Chair Ottawa Youth Justice Services Network,

June 2007