Year End report 2005-2006




YEAR END SUMMARY – 2005-2006




2005-2006 has been a year marked by change for many of our members with the implementation of the Y.C.J.A. and the blending of Phase 1 & 2 operations. Our meetings have continued to be well-attended and the information shared in our round-table updates has kept our membership informed about each others’ activities and undertakings.  I believe that overall our committee has continued to meet its objectives and terms of reference.



– We have seen some changes in membership this year with some long-term members leaving and new members joining. Jim MacDonald of Phoenix House is no longer able to attend meetings, but has continued to be included in our email tree and this has lead to a discussion regarding “Associate members” that is still to be determined. Most recently Cam MacLeod has assumed a new position as Executive Director with the Roberts/Smart agency and has stepped down from our network. We will miss his participation but I am sure I am joined by committee members in wishing him success in his new role. Sgt. Mark Houldsworth from the Ottawa Police Services has been replaced by Constable Mark Hreljac. Jonathan Crosier has identified Kevin Cooney from the McHugh Education Centre as his designate at meetings.


– New members this year include Brad Spooner, Ottawa Boys & Girls Club – CSO Program, Justice Dianne Nicholas, Farah Aw-Osman, Somali Centre for Family Services and Nancy Worsfold from Crime Prevention Ottawa.


Topics of discussion:

  • Evaluation of network activities as per our Terms of Reference
  • Child Welfare Reform initiatives
  • Provincial Residential Services Review
  • Updates on the new Crime Prevention Ottawa Initiative and the Mayor’s Integrated Drug & Addictions Strategy Taskforce
  • Changes in service delivery in various sectors and outcomes of YCJA and new initiatives
  • Update on Youth Justice committees and ministry undertakings
  • Updates on Youth Justice Ontario activities
  • Roundtable updates on network member’s activities and trends, sharing of resource information on conferences, RFP’s and events etc… and discussions re: emerging challenges and opportunities



  • YRAP – Youth Justice Restorative Action Project provided a presentation in June.
  • Youth Crime Prevention Community Education Program – presentation of an executive summary by Julie McKercher
  • Presentation by Ron Ensom: Joint Statement on Physical Punishment
  • Presentation by Nancy Worsfold: Crime Prevention Ottawa



1) Final report submitted to United Way on October 31st for partnership grant used for website development and maintenance

2) Network representation on other bodies: Janet Crupi serves as a board member for Crime Prevention. Kim Chadsey & Donna Serafini serve as committee members with the Mayor’s Integrated Drug & Addictions Strategy Taskforce.

3) Compendium and website updated by Steve MacIntosh a student placement at Eastern Ontario Young Offender Services and overseen by Guy Dagenais.

4) February Network Retreat: Speed-Networking in the OYJSN held at Strathmere.

5) Award of Excellence in Youth Justice Leadership presented to Gord Boyd at February Retreat

6) Members were encouraged to bring “Joint Statement on Physical Punishment” back to their agencies for endorsement where possible.


Planned Activities for 2006-2007:

– Fall Conference planning for update on YCJA and outcomes

– Developing “matrix” tool to make Compendium of Services more user-friendly

– Continued update of website

– To be determined in Work Plan


Prepared by: Janet L. Crupi, Chair Ottawa Youth Justice Services Network,

June 2006