Year End report 2004-2005



YEAR END SUMMARY – 2004-2005



I believe that the Ottawa Youth Justice Services Network has had another successful year in terms of meeting its objectives and terms of reference. The following is a summary of our group’s activities and undertakings for 2004-2005.




– More requests for membership and currently over 25 members strong

– New members this year include Operation Go-Home, Youthnet, YOUCAN, McHugh School, C.S.O. program – Ottawa Boys & Girls Club & Ministry of Children & Youth Services, Program Supervisor Lesley (?)

– Departing members: Merv Bouwman, Don Loree, Karen Murphy, Thomas Allgoewer

– Joining us in the fall will be a representative from the Salvation Army Community Service Order Program



Correspondence by the Chair:

1) Letter to Minister Monte Kwinter (Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services) re: reinvestment of funding with the youth in conflict with the law portfolio

2) Letter to Minister Marie Bountrogianni (Ministry of Children and Youth Services) re: reinvestment of funding with the youth in conflict with the law portfolio

3) Letter to Councilor Jacques Legendre requesting a briefing and offering input into Community Crime Prevention Centre initiative

4) Letter to Ottawa City Councilors in support of Community Crime Prevention Initiative and a request for the network to have representation on the board



Topics of discussion:

Evaluation of network activities as per our Terms of Reference

– Mental health service gaps and delivery

– Changes in service delivery in various sectors (i.e. Ottawa Police Service)

– Community Partnership provincial and local activities

– Outcomes of new Youth Justice Legislation including program rationalization and new initiatives like Non-Residential Attendance Centres

– Education and youth at risk (i.e. School reintegration)

– Ottawa Community Crime Prevention Centre Initiative

– Roundtable updates on agency activities and trends, sharing of resource information on conferences, RFP’s and events etc… and discussions re: emerging challenges and opportunities


Parents with Children in Mental Health – Karen Kettle

Education Services – Mark Adshead

United Way, Information Coordinator – Jennifer Toth

Ottawa City Councilor Jacques Legendre presentation re: Community Crime Prevention Initiative

Mike Ball and Karen Kettle re: Children’s Mental Health Services

Coordinated Access – Natasha Tatartcheff-Quesnel




1) Website: Proposal submitted to United Way for a partnership grant for funding to    develop and maintain OYJSN website. Rec’d $4,500. Website officially launched. Report prepared for United Way on the Partnership Grant

2) May 2004 Forum – “Community Mobilization within the Ottawa Youth Justice Network”

3) Operations Subcommittee worked on Network Mission Statement, Guidelines and revised the Terms of Reference with the input of our members. New Guidelines approved by members in January 2005.

4) Mental Health Subcommittee struck to look at ways in which OYJSN might provide leadership or play a role around gaps in services

4) Speakers’ Bureau & Educational was struck to look at strategies for sharing information regarding Youth Justice Services with the community – in partnership with the Western Ottawa CRC, participation in Speaker’s Bureau and development of an information package for delivery

5) Lobbying at City Council in support of the Community Crime Prevention Centre and requesting network’s representation on the board resulted in a position

6) Other;

– Information sharing with other provincial groups interested in establishing similar networks (i.e. Lanark County)



Planned Activities for 2005-2006:

– Fall Retreat to provide network members with opportunities to share more about their services and to provide opportunities for members to look at sharing of resources

– Updating Compendium of Services

– Continued update of website

– Participation in “Speaker’s Bureau” and community education/information sharing



Prepared by: Janet L. Crupi, Chair Ottawa Youth Justice Services Network,

June 2005