Year End report 2016-2017


YEAR END SUMMARY – 2016-2017


This past year afforded the opportunity for review of the network guidelines, terms of reference and committee structure. We welcomed the inclusion of a new subcommittee to house the “Amazing Youth Worker Race” initiative in the overall OYJSN framework. The initiative, held in May, saw over 120 registrants and was once again, very well received by the participants. The network also hosted a conference “Cultural Diversity: Supporting Community Solutions” bringing together service providers from a wide variety of community programs to share information, knowledge and build bridges.


It is with mixed feelings, that after 17 years in my role of chair for the network, I will be stepping down and assuming a new role as “past-chair”. It is my hope that the new chair will take the same pride and pleasure in serving the committee that I have had the good fortune to experience. I want to express my thanks and appreciation to all the committee members, through the years, who have ensured that the network continues to thrive and fulfill its mission. It has been an honor to serve such a committed group of individuals and inspires confidence, that the youth and families in our community, will continue to be afforded services and resources to best meet their needs, by such dedicated people.




This past year we said our “good-byes” to long-time committee members Michael Justinich and Sharmaarke Abdullahi. Both Michael and Sharmaarke served the network well by active participation in planning subcommittees and initiatives and by their ambassador roles for the OYJSN in the community. They will be missed and we wish them much success in their pursuits.


The network welcomed new representation from ling time network agency members from; the Ministry of Children & Youth Services, Louise Mernier, Ottawa CAS, Shawn Calder & Youth Probation Services, Tia Wilt & YouthNet, Mary Alexandrou, Wabano, Equan Liberte and Operation Come Home, Katie Sanders.




Topics of discussion:

  • Roundtable updates on Network members’ activities, sharing of resource information on conferences, RFP’s and events etc…
  • Discussions re: trends, emerging challenges and opportunities
  • Youth mental health initiatives and resources
  • Updates on Time for Change (Ottawa Youth Gangs initiative)
  • Updates on Amazing Youth Worker Race initiative
  • Fentanyl situation in Ottawa



  • Gender Violence & Youth at Risk – Nancy Worsfold and Erin Leigh
  • Community Suicide Prevention Network – Andre Poncia
  • Fentanyl Awareness – Cst. Stephane Bujold, OPS Drug Unit & Julie Turcotte, Public Health



  • Agency Fair, July 14, 2016 in collaboration with the Human Services Coordinating Committee and CPO
  • Transfer of the Connecting Transitions working group, which operated the Amazing Youth Worker Race initiative, under the OYJSN network.
  • New website unveiled at thanks to efforts by Bo Turpin
  • OYJSN now on Twitter @oyjsnottawa
  • Review of OYJSN Guidelines, Terms of Reference & Structure
  • May 31st Conference – “Cultural Diversity: Supporting Community Solutions”
  • Presentation of the OYJSN Award of Excellence to Tom Scholberg



Planned Activities for 2017-2018

  • Membership renewal
  • New Chair



Prepared by: Janet L. Crupi, Chair Ottawa Youth Justice Services Network,

June 2017