Our Mission Statement

mission statement

Mission Statement:
The Ottawa Youth Justice Services Network is a leadership group dedicated to building and enhancing coordination, partnerships, education and advocacy regarding youth justice issues in the Ottawa area.

The Ottawa Youth Justice Services Network goal is to develop community capacity regarding youth justice issues by:

  • Providing an open forum for discussion of youth justice legislation and other related issues;
  • Creating a collective voice to define emerging priorities as well as influence policy, legislative changes and funding to various levels of government regarding youth justice issues;
  • Advocating for the needs of children and youth in conflict or at risk of being in conflict with the law, in the Ottawa region;
  • Exploring and facilitating interagency and cross-sectoral communication and the sharing of resources and services;
  • Developing and promoting interagency networking and collaborative partnerships;
  • Creating key linkages to connect youth justice, child welfare and mental health issues;
  • Initiating and coordinating both research and professional development opportunities in the area of youth justice;
  • Developing opportunities to engage the community in both comprehending and addressing youth crime prevention and the youth criminal justice system.